STOP THE PRESSES!!!!! We are featured on the front page of the Globe and Mail

By Sheryl Song  •  October 2021

When Sheryl Song first moved to Canada in her 20s, she didn’t think finding a safe place to live would be a struggle. But when she turned to online marketplaces such as Craigslist, Kijiji and Facebook Groups, she was met with a disheartening situation: unreliable landlords, racist remarks and sexual harassment.

BNN Bloomberg: Toronto-based platform aiming to make apartment renting easier and safer for women

By Sheryl Song  •  November 2021

Ryna's co-founders Sheryl Song (she/her) were interviewed by BNN Bloomberg.

Founder Feature: KD’s Lifestyle Change & She’s Not the Only One

By KD Dao  •  November 2021

Ryna's co-founder KD Dao (she/her) was also interviewed by BNN Bloomberg.

How to Thrive in Quarantine: Tips from Canada’s Top Model

By Sheryl Song  •  November 2021

On a bright, sunny Sunday, I was standing in what seemed an endless flu-shot line at a Shoppers drug mart in Summerhill. I was irritated, bored and aimlessly people watching.

What a 10-day silent meditation retreat taught me about entrepreneurship

By Sheryl Song  •  January 2021

When I first applied to the Dhamma 10-day silent Vipassana Meditation course in June of 2019, I was still working in corporate. I had a decent job, lots of friends, time and money to travel.