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6 Smart Tricks for Small Kitchen Decorations

By | January 10, 2018

Having a minimalist house with a small kitchen becomes a challenge in itself. For those of you who like to decorate the room, there are some tricks to make a small kitchen into a comfortable place to cook and eat with your family.

6 Smart Tricks For Small Kitchen Decorations

6 Smart Tricks For Small Kitchen Decorations

Here are six clever tricks to decorate your small kitchen to make it more comfortable and attractive.

1. Hang the pot

Hang your pot in an empty place like the wall and side of the cabinet. This can maximize the use of space in the kitchen. To make the kitchen more beautiful, start by hanging the biggest stuff first, then enter the medium-sized and finish with the smallest item. Your little kitchen looks more attractive and neat.

2. Choose an interesting kitchen equipment

6 Smart Tricks For Small Kitchen Decorations 2

6 Smart Tricks For Small Kitchen Decorations 2

If your kitchen is too narrow so it can not load a lot of furniture, use cute and interesting items as decoration. For example, vintage cutting boards or small cabinets as works of art. A row of bowls stuck to the top of the cabinet can also make your kitchen look more attractive.

3. Use a folding table

If you have a small kitchen, choosing the right furniture and multifunction is the solution. Instead of placing a large table, you can consider the option of using a folded dining table. When will be used for family meals, this table can be opened wide. Then after the meal together is over, this table can be folded back and serves as an ornamental table.

4. Add a bar table

6 Smart Tricks For Small Kitchen Decorations 3

6 Smart Tricks For Small Kitchen Decorations 3

You can take advantage of empty space and turn it into a bar table. Like the edge of a table, window, or cupboard then turn it into an extra dining room with a board and some bar-shaped benches. In addition to maximizing the room, this decoration also makes your kitchen look more attractive.

5. Adding lighting

As research done interior designer Barbara Westbrook, bright color strength can make the room more spacious and glowing. In addition to using lights as lighting, you can also choose the color of wall paint and soft furniture. Barbara recommends a light gray or white paint for a kitchen wall that can brighten the room and gives a wider impression.

6. Use a stacking rack

If you have a lot of spice bottles, to make it look neat and orderly, make a stacking rack on the wall of your kitchen. Then place the spices neatly, you can also pick them up easily every wish to use them.

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